Wills & Trust by Jennifer Griffith – Review

Posted August 15, 2017 by Phyllis Helton in Book Reviews /

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Wills & Trust by Jennifer Griffith – Review

Wills & Trust

by Jennifer Griffith

Series: Legally in Love #3
Series Rating:
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date July 31st 2017
Genres: Clean Romance, Romance
Pages: 290


Town beauty queen Brooke Chadwick knows Dane Rockwell will never take a second look at his best friend’s younger sister, no matter how much she’s longed for him. She’s a kid nuisance. A pity case he played catch with after her parents died in an accident. Dane Rockwell is a Rockwell—of the felons, frauds, and cheats Rockwells in town. How can he possibly ask Brooke Chadwick—of the upstanding, reputable Chadwicks in town—to consider him worthy? Now Dane is back in town with three things: a ring in his pocket, a kiss burning on his mouth for her, and a law degree to prove his worthiness. Brooke is about to say yes to a proposal, but not Dane’s. Disappointment looms. But when Brooke gets notice to attend a reading of a stranger’s will with her legal counsel, Dane is her only option for a lawyer, and it might be Dane’s only chance to earn her trust. With themes of love, loss, second chances, an inheritance from a stranger, beautiful beach scenes on the Chesapeake Bay, baseball games, Babe Ruth, antique collectibles, a gripping court case, betrayals, and lots of romantic kisses and chemistry, this book's plot twists and turns through Dane and Brooke's lives--as Brooke learns to trust, and Dane learns about self-will. Wills & Trust is a new standalone romance in the bestselling Legally in Love Collection by Jennifer Griffith.

Also in this series: Illegally Wedded

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While the middle of the story caught my attention and flowed really well, the beginning drove me crazy with the repetition of facts of the story.  I do appreciate authors who realize that I don’t remember every detail, but it felt like every few paragraphs the same details were repeated.  Near the end of the book, the same thing happened, but not with the same intensity as it did at the beginning.

The conflicts in the story were interesting – the one related to Brooke’s inheritance and the one related to Dane’s career.  I was surprised to find out that the law suit and Dane’s hearing were not related, especially with the timing of Dane’s hearing.  I could just see Sarge working up something like that.  I was disappointed that there weren’t any details about the aftermath of Dane’s hearing.  It seemed like that thread just died and it would have been nice to get some resolution to that.

For those who might care, there was a bit of talk about church and forgiveness, but not much.  And there was a quote about forgiveness used at the church which is from one of the books of Mormon.  The story was not preachy, nor was there anything doctrinally objectionable to this non-LDS Christian.

About Jennifer Griffith

Jennifer Griffith writes light, sweet romances she calls Cotton Candy for the Soul. Her Legally in Love Collection stems from the fact she fell in love with a handsome law school student who now serves as a judge—as well as her muse. She also writes the Billionaire Makeover Romances, billionaires and makeovers being some things with which she has less experience.
Jennifer loves old cars, landscape paintings, fresh bread with raspberry jam, and reading. She lived in Japan during college, where she once ate a cricket on a dare. She also traveled through Europe, where she slept a night in a castle on the Rhine. Jennifer worked summers in a cookie factory, and she spent a few years working for the U.S. Congress before becoming a wife, a mom and an author.

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