Yours, Mine, & Forever by Joanne Markey – Book Review, Preview

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Yours, Mine, & Forever by Joanne Markey - Book Review, Preview

Yours, Mine, & Forever by Joanne Markey – Book Review, Preview

Yours, Mine, & Forever

by Joanne Markey

Series: Taking Chances #2
Series Rating:
Publication Date September 7, 2019
Genres: Christian Fiction, Clean Romance
Written for: Adults
Pages: 285


Whoever said the course of true love never runs smooth knew their business.

Especially motherly love.

Still, with adoption success just waiting for ink and paper to appear, Norah can focus on more exciting things like Christmas and figuring out how this marriage thing is going to work out!

However, never underestimate the craftiness of an antagonistic old woman determined to get her way—or rather, stop Norah from getting hers. If it means resorting to underhanded means to ensure she comes out on top, then so be it. All it takes is a word in the right ear, a nudge here, a wink there, and the natural course of gossip and slander will do the rest.

When the dust clears, Norah’s heart is in tatters and her fledgling relationship is in ruins... Or is it? Will her hero's patience wear thin, and is Norah's faith strong enough to see her through whatever comes her way?

I received a complimentary copy of this book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.

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This was a fun series from a new-to-me author.

I really liked the way the author spent plenty of time on each scene, developing it well and letting it come to its natural conclusion. There was plenty of time for real-life to take place.

Norah was caught completely off guard by the accusations she heard against Clay. Based on the source of the information and what she saw, she struggled with what to believe. And when it looked like her dream of adoption was going to die…

I liked the characters so much! Norah for her innocence and love for the children. And her fear of getting close to others as well. Clay was a rock and so focused on the Lord and trusting Him. He helped Norah see how to trust even if it appeared that the desires of her heart would not be granted to her.

Norah’s brother Gaines is so great! His deep love and strong protective nature towards Norah was so very sweet. I loved watching him interact with her and with the people of the town.

Some great moments that added to the heartwarming feeling of the story. The huge snowball fight involving most of the town was such a pleasure to read! I loved the way Clayton opened up to Norah for this brief period. And Clay and Riley’s tactics were so funny!

My favorite part was the ending. How Clay finally reached little Clayton’s heart – truly allowed him to believe he was genuinely loved – was perfect!!

The story was told from many different points of view. While I am accustomed to seeing two or three, it seemed like an excessive number. It wasn’t hard to track necessarily, it just seemed odd even though the author used these to explain other events that she would have had to work harder at telling if she hadn’t allowed us to see what it was these other characters saw.

A few relationships seemed to appear out of nowhere. With one character, when she was introduced, I noted that she was new. And then all of a sudden, it was like she was a long-time friend. I wondered if I had just missed something; but no, later on there was a reference to the fact she was a new addition to their lives.

There was also a subplot involving Gaines that wasn’t resolved. I’m not sure if there will be a future story about him (which I wouldn’t object to!) or if it was an oversight that it wasn’t addressed. Norah never did seem to have  the “real” situation that we were told about explained. It seemed like this type of thing happened in several places.

If you haven’t read Dreaming of More, you should go grab a copy and read it. Then be sure to get a copy of Yours, Mine & Forever. They are very much two parts of a longer story with very few flashbacks or explanations given about what has already happened or why Norah behaves as she does. If you enjoy Christian Romance, they are well worth reading.

More from Joanne

When people find out I’m an Aussie living in the US and that I’ve written books, they immediately assume my books are set in Australia. I’m sorry to disappoint anyone, but, no, they’re not. You see, after almost 19 years of living in the US I’ve lost touch with the culture I was raised in. Things are done differently here than they are over there, and I’ve gotten used to this life.
When I moved halfway around the world, iPads, smart phones, and the like weren’t even a thing. The internet over there (in the places I lived) was something you knew about, but not everyone was online. My family didn’t even own a computer. When you went to town you lost cell phone coverage about 20 kms out. We lived in the bush, which technically falls between the coast and the outback. Not far enough from the coast to be “outback”, but far enough there wasn’t a town worth mentioning in any direction for a good two hour drive (roughly 170km, if memory serves me correct). So yeah, we lived out bush and while it’s hard to imagine a world without the electronics we depend on so much today, the Australia I know, the life I remember, had none of them. And I’m pretty sure things have changed since then!
That’s one major issue standing between me and writing books set in Australia. Another is the language. Half the time I find it almost impossible to remember where a phrase originated. I’m not talking about the “fair dinkums” or the “g’days”, they’re easy to identify. Its the little phrases, the ones that are so ingrained in my thinking I can’t identify their origin. At least, not until every person in the room looks at me like I’ve lost my mind. I figure it out pretty quickly after that and usually have to scramble to translate to something they understand. Agreeing with someone by uttering a simple “yes” is a wee bit more effective here than the “too right!” I might use with my family.
Try adding in the whole dropping the R thing Aussies have a habit of doing, and then the clear pronunciation of the R which is pretty common among the people I know here…and yeah, it can get confusing. “Far” is a bad one. Simple word. I never stop to think about how I’m saying it, so part of the time I’ll drop the R without realizing I’ve done so. Then I’ll hear myself say “fah”, so I’ll quickly tack on the R… and it can become an issue.
Some expats might not have an issue with speech, this is just one problem I run into quite often so I ran with it in my book. Anyone who’s read the book will know who I’m talking about. Multiple languages, speech confusion especially when emotional. It’s a thing. Not everyone deals with it, but me… yeah. Sigh.
But that doesn’t mean I’ve turned my back on everything I once knew. My husband and our kids love a good damper, Aussie meat pies, and Vegemite. They turn their noses up at pavlova (where, oh, where did I go wrong?!), but little did I know when we bought some of my favorite Aussie music that it would become their favorite too. I love where I live now, but I also have a great fondness for the country I left behind, and my family too, of course. They all live over there. And this story… it originated in Australia.
I was looking for a something to write for NaNo in 2018 and my Mum had a dream to share, so she gave me the idea and I ran with it. I changed bits here and there—the setting, most of the story actually!—and finished it up mid-December of 2018. I sat on it for about six months, finally got around to sending it to an editor. And then two weeks before I hit publish, a friend heard how long it was and asked if I’d ever thought about splitting the story in two.
No, I hadn’t, but after hashing it out with my editor, we decided it was a good idea. Dreaming of More became the first half, and Yours, Mine, & Forever was born.
However, giving Dreaming an end meant I’d sort of wrapped up the main storyline I’d used in the entire 135,000 word manuscript. I needed something else because I hadn’t added the bow to the top of the package and without that, Dreaming kind of fell flat. It needed another book… So back to the editor I went and at 2am one morning we started brainstorming. Before I knew what was happening I was in the middle of rewriting the entire book. I didn’t need to follow the same storyline and because the slate had been cleared, I could add in whatever I wanted. So I did.
My friend apologized—she hadn’t meant for me to rewrite the entire book—but no apology was necessary. I loved being able to change things. New characters made it more fun and, as my youngest son would say, I got to add “all the stuffs”. The only thing I refused to change was the ending. I had to keep that because it was the one thing my Mum remembered the best from her dream. For her sake, I kept it. If you want to know what that ending is… it comes after all the other pages in the book. But if you skip over them, you’ll miss all the stuffs and they’re what make the ending worthwhile.


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About Joanne Markey

Originally from Australia, Joanne now lives in Ohio with her husband and seven children where she spends her days writing, wrangling children, and trying to determine which phrases originated in which country because she uses them all interchangeably, thereby continually confusing herself as much as those around her.

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